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Baguio’s Tam-Awan Village 작성자 : 에이플러스
작성일 : 2018-04-05, 조회수 : 1254

Baguio’s Tam-Awan Village

탐완빌리지는 바기오 사람들이 예전엔 어떻게 거주하였고
어떤 건축양식이 있었는지 살펴볼수 있는 민속촌 같은 곳입니다.

입장료는 50페소이구요~


미술용품을 구입해도 괜찮구요~ 사진찍기에도 괜찮은 곳도 있습니다.
규모는 작기 때문에 30분 정도면 다 둘러볼수 있는듯 합니다








A rampaging 20-minute taxi drive from Burnham Park found us at the gates of Tam-Awan Village in Barangay Pinsao.

Constructed in 1998 by the Chanum Foundation, the Tam-Awan Village showcases the different types of Ifugao and Kalinga houses found in the region. Some of these are replicas while others, like the BinayonTam-Awan Village Entrance in Baguio City hut of the Southern Kalinga Province found here, are rare and authentic (being one of only three existing in the country now). Everything is set up as an genuine Cordillera village, giving a chance for non-locals a sneak peek into their communities. 


Five of the huts are available for overnight accommodations; the Anaba, Love Bug, Dukligan, Lukkong and New Hut. Rates are surprisingly affordable,  especially for big groups. Don’t expect luxurious amenities and cable televisions here though; prepare for an authentic mountain cabin experience.

Along these huts are meter-wide dirt-paths that wind through the sides of the knoll. These trails are mostly uphill and can get pretty complicated if it’s your first time as it branches off into unknown routes; but Hanging Bridge at Tam-Awan Village in Baguiofear not, as you definitely won’t get lost here.

It would be better if you check the brochure given at  the entrance though as it contains a map of the area. The whole course becomes pretty straightforward after your first pass.

There’s a path that we were not able to explore that leads on and on up through the hill. I’m not sure where this pass led to, but we stopped halfway and went back. We passed a couple going through the same route and asked them on their way back if they were able to see where the trail ends up in. They were also unable to find out as they also went back after a while since the pass seemed unending. Interesting.







There’s a certain vibe in the village that I can’t quite put my finger into that would have you looking over your shoulder especially if you’re alone on the trail, and it’s probably these that made us and the couple after us abandon that unknown path.

The regular trail peaks on a hut located on the apex of the village. From here, you get a panoramic view the whole village and parts of Baguio City. This is my favorite spot in Tam-Awan Village; rest up and savor the mountain air before heading back down the village again.

Tam-awan Village
Address: 366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City
Entrance Fee: Adult Php50.00 | Kids Php20.00    Open Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM






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